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Service List 

Below is a list of services and pricing to help you let your hair & heart be free. Book your appointment by clicking on the appointment link below each service. 


Specifically crafted for each

individual guest. 


Whether it be highlights, dimensional color, balayage or just a touch-up- we have you covered! 

Chemical +Smoothing 

From our Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Treatment or a relaxer we offer smoothing and straightening at its best. We also offer perms.

Color Correction

This service will transform your hair with patience and commitment.

Glamour Treatments

The style you'll want to attend a wedding or special occasion.

Repair + Thermal

Conditioning Treatment to restore natural luster in hair or Thermal Styling with varied hot tools.

Bridal + Special Occasion

Book your Wedding Party or Special Event styling with us!


Contact ​ for special occasion needs.

Reiki Session

Add a 10 minute Reiki session during your shampooing!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing. There are 3 levels of practitioners who go through an attunement process and get to Reiki Master. Practitioners then use symbols, and intention setting to channel that universal energy to the client in order to balance and harmonize their wellbeing, promote healing, reduce stress, encourage a meditative state, plus many other benefits.

*While reiki can be a great addition to the healing process, reiki should never replace any treatment by licensed health practitioners. 

What to Expect with a Reiki Session:

-Short 10 min sessions.

-Happens at the shampoo bowl paired with a conditioning hair treatment.

-Client isn’t required to do anything but rest back with scented or unscented eye pillow.

  • It’s encouraged during that time for client to focus on breath and relaxing body, or finding a positive affirmation to silently recite.

-Stylist will shampoo like normal, make any necessary adjustments for client, offer eye pillow, and then go through reiki treatment.

-Treatment itself is a combination of hand placements, such as hand on back of head, massage, and slight aura cleansing (hands hovering in aura rather than direct touch.) 

5 affirmations to offer for inspiration:

  1. I love and approve of myself exactly as I am.

  2. Now I give myself permission to be happy.

  3. I live life with joy.

  4. I give myself permission to be at peace.

  5. I am. So hum.

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