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These procedures will map out what we expect of you at your next visit, along with what you can expect from us in return. We will put Safety first. We look forward to seeing you, safely! Any guest entering Wildheart Salon will be expected to follow these policies and will be responsible for appointment cost if not followed. If you do not feel comfortable with the information below, we can reschedule your appointment. Please follow cancelation requirements.


Thank you and be well!


Please review the following questions before beginning your service:

 In the last 10 days, have you experienced any symptoms of Covid, exposure to Covid, or tested positive for Covid-19?

-If anyone at Wildheart Salon believes you are not well or in a household with a previously sick or quarantined person, they have the right to refuse or end the service.

-If you are sick or can answer yes to the above, please call to reschedule your appointment as soon as possible. You may also cancel/reschedule online at

--Please wear a well fitting mask. We have surgical masks available for your use.

Persons in the salon:

-Feel free to call ahead or come by for any retail purchasing.

-Please bring in as little as possible to your appointment. Ex: food, beverage, jackets, large purses, etc.

-Call or book online for your next salon visit. Call us at 404-228-7365, or book online at If you need assistance booking online, we are happy to assist and send your login information via email. 

-Please, do not bring any additional guests with you. They will not be permitted into the salon. (family, friends, children)

-If you are booking for a minor and know that you need to come in with them.

Personal Protective Gear:

-Wearing masks- Salon employees and salon clients will be required to wear masks at all times. Mask must cover mouth and nose. Clients may be asked to hold masks in place during some parts of service. Please, bring your own mask. 

-Gloves will be worn during some services. If gloves are not being worn, salon employees hands will be clean & disinfected.

-Capes- Each client will be draped with a clean cape.

-Hand-washing- Upon arrival, please sanitize or wash your hands before your services begin. Employees must wash hands with soapy, warm water, for a minimum of 20 seconds between every client service. 

-A Safety & Sanitation fee will be added to all Wildheart Salon service tickets as a total of $1.50.


-Salon will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to reopening. 

-Disinfectants will be EPA –registered and labeled. 

Reception area: 

-Magazines, coffee, newspapers, service menus, any other unnecessary paper products will be removed from the reception/lobby area. 

-At this time, salon beverages or snacks will not be served. Please enjoy any personal food/beverages outside of salon.

-Employees must frequently wash their hands after using the phones, computer, cash register and/or credit card machine. Surfaces will be wiped/disinfected between each use. 

-If you will be using your Credit card for your services or purchases, please enter it into our system at Once logged in, enter your information. This will allow us each one less contact experience. All existing clients have a "magic password" assigned for log in. Please let us know if we need to send for your log in purposes.

-Avoiding the exchange of cash can help greatly in preventing spread of virus, but if this is unavoidable, we will clean/disinfect before and after. The use of credit/debit transactions is preferred, using touch/swipe/no signature technology. 

-All door handles and regularly touched surfaces will be wiped with a disinfectant. Hand sanitizer and tissues will be provided for your use.


-All restroom surfaces including floors, sinks and toilet bowls will be cleaned and disinfected every day. 

Shampoo Bowls: 

-Please keep talking to a minimum at the shampoo bowl to prevent spread of any germs as masks may need to be held in place. 

-If you are receiving a COLOR SERVICE, as always, please come in with CLEAN, DRY HAIR. 

-We will gladly shampoo/condition & blowdry as usual.  We are still happy to do dry/wet cuts if you feel more comfortable with less time in salon.


-All work areas and tools will be cleaned and disinfected between each client. 


-Our policies for cancellation remain in place. Please call within 24 hours of your appointment time to cancel or reschedule, Tuesday-Friday. Please call within 48 hours of your appointment for Saturday's.

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