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5 Products We Can't Live Without

1. KMS Color Vitality Shampoo :

In order to properly maintain color-treated hair, the shampoo you use is vital! Numerous shampoos are not safe for color-treated hair, causing the color to quickly fade, which wastes the money and time you spent at the salon. Investing in a color-preserving and color-safe shampoo, keeps your hair color vibrant for a longer period of time, which allows you to save money and avoid making more hair appointments than necessary. KMS Color Vitality is our go-to color-safe shampoo! The product works to seal and to lock the color in, while restoring radiance, making the color last 3 times longer. Color Vitality contains Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, a UV-Filter, the same ingredient that is found in sunscreen. It reflects UV rays, protecting the hair from sun-damage, thus resulting in less fading, maintaining that glossy and bright color you stepped out of the salon with!

2. KMS Playable Texture :

Lifeless, limp, bland hair is everyone’s ultimate pet peeve. Nothing is more annoying than trying to bring your hair back to life and having zero success. You’ll blow-dry it, brush it out, hairspray it, and everything else under the sun, but your hair refuses to cooperate. For days like this, we highly recommend KMS Hairplay Playable Texture. You simply shake, spray, and shape! The product contains re-bonding polymers that allow your hair to become pliable and easily restyled, while containing a weightless feel. Bring volume back to your coiffure in just a few sprays!

3. KMS Curl Up Perfecting Lotion :

Calling all natural curlies! If your curls are lacking the bounce and definition they deserve, then the KMS Curl Up Perfecting Lotion should be an essential part of your curl-care routine. The Curl Up Perfecting Lotion defines the curl, enhancing the natural shape while providing frizz control and humidity protection for up to 72 hours! The product works best when applied to towel-dried hair then diffused or airdried. However, if the curls start to fall, the lotion can be reactivated by with a few scrunches here and there to refresh the look!

4. Kerasilk Rich Protective Oil :

If your mane can’t be tamed, Kerasilk Rich Protective Oil is the miracle potion you’ve been searching for! The product consists of keratin, a fibrous structural protein, as well as liquid silk, which is a water-soluble protein that derives from raw silk. Both proteins join forces to manage frizzy, unruly hair while adding an intense luster to your locks. Kerasilk Rich Protective Oil protects the hair from the dreadful humidity that is every frizzy-head’s worst nightmare. The product also provides heat protectant for those who regularly use heat on their hair. Apply a small amount to towel-dried or dried hair and watch the magic work!

5. Kerasilk Reconstruct Intense Repair Mask

If your hair suffers from brittleness and damage, we encourage you to indulge your hair with Kerasilk’s Reconstruct Intense Repair Mask! We like to think of it as a delicious, nutritious meal for your hair! It consists of two major formulas, Keratin and Hyaloveil™, which combine to restore and replenish the hair’s structure. The mask nourishes and revives by penetrating deep into the hair follicle. The reparation starts within while the hair surface softens; leaving the hair supple, glossy, and healthy. The Reconstruct Intense Repair Mask provides your hair with long-lasting moisture while protecting it from recurring damage. Application can be done on towel-dried hair. Allow the mask to sit for 5-10 minutes so the hair can absorb all of its goodness, then thoroughly rinse it out. The results will blow your mind!

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