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Curly Cuts

Calling All Curlies! Are you ready for a new look? Are your luscious curls in need of some TLC and much-needed definition? Consider these cuts to add some va-va-voom to your hair!

A-Line Bob:

This cut and style is edgy, daring, and perfect for defining your facial features. To achieve this cut, the back of the hair is layered to create an angle, typically at the neck and then it works its way towards the jawline. It frames the face in a way that accentuates and draws attention to one’s best features. This specific cut is great for all curl types and is perfect for all face shapes!

2. Versus Diametrix:

The Diametrix Cutting Technique is a long, diagonal cut that takes away weight from the bottom so that the curls frame the face nicely. This look allows for the volume to be consistent at the crown, while gradually decreasing towards the end of the hair in order to avoid a “shelf effect.” The cut allows for long curls to be versatile in styling while defining curls and diminishing frizz! The Versus Diametrix cut is idea for curl shapes ranging from loose to tight!

3. Bloused Triangle Shape

The Bloused Triangle Shape highlights the eyes and emphasizes the cheeks and lips. To achieve this cut, the ends of the hair are trimmed to be elevated, creating an “opened” triangle bottom. The opening will begin around the eyes and ends at the shoulders. The bloused triangle cut is easy to maintain and can be diffused or air-dried while still preserving the curl pattern.

Ask your stylist which one best fits you so we can get you booked ASAP!

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